Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Good Morning On The Mountain

"Elaine, did I ever tell you...? Get in here Elaine. My god Elaine. They ring me up? They offer me things... they think they got something to trade with me? They say the wolf is at my door? The wolf runs from my door! The wolf craps a brick at my door!... I grill those damn wolves... Those young people, my god... trade with me?

Every generation. Always change. Every generation. All they want is revolution. Every generation. Always revolution... Get rid of the old people they say! Let us run things. Every generation is always young and they think they know.

But they don't know. They don't know who makes their shoes... who makes their cars... who sells their tunes...

And that's what we do. We sell them their change. Bob Dylan? Everyone knows Bob Dylan. Stupid kids nowadays still think he's a revolutionary? The spirit of '68? Fuck, the spirit of '68 is what bought my third house.

Stupid kids. We're in charge... Yeah maybe we had our revolution... And yeah maybe that's why I'm here, why I got these shoes, and this jacket on my back.

Every generation. Always change.

Well let me tell you something. There's no more change! I got dogs to feed! There's no more revolution. Only my change... my revolution.

Get rid of the old people they say. And yeah, sometimes we'll go hide for a while... we make our plans. Oh yes, we make our plans...

Bob... goddamn...

Obama! Change! Obama... what sort of change is that? Nothing's changed! It's fickle! Do you know how quickly you'd loose the soles of your fucking feet if things really started changing!? No... you don't... we're just fine. Don't you worry.

We say what change is by God. And we get paid for it.

- Very good, sir.

Oh, and Elaine? Bring me those, err, mini-golf clubs the rep from Adelente left, won't you? I got some time to kill here.

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